BSC Nationwide Reinventing Business Weekly Forum

Thursday, June 25, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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We are a forum for business owners, learning from each other, rethinking and improving our business, and creating strategic alliances to relaunch slowly and carefully. We do it all in 60 minutes!
Agenda for June 25, 2020 Reinventing Business Nationwide Forum 
This week is about playing to win and finding the right contacts for your business. Join us at noon on June 25 CDT to talk about...
  1. Customer research through the 40 bizjournals nationwide with Pat Rogers, ABJ Chief Researcher
  2. Owner's Personal SWOT Analysis: Choosing a game you can win from 5 options when reinventing your business with Jan Triplett
  3. What are you doing now to move forward? Ideas from your new "Business Buddies".
  4. Show & Tell (NEW feature of the Forum)
  5. Opportunities knock with our regular experts (tech, legal, management, sales and marketing, and money).
  6. New Reinventing Business Resources 
  7. Why last week’s question matters and the new reinventing business question for next week.
Here’s the link to the RSVP and more information. It’s every Thursday — same time; same day; same link. Please share.
What we learned from each other and about each other last week in just 60 minutes:
  • Owners Personal SWOT analysis answers: How does your risk tolerance match your style and business model from Jan Triplett and great examples from attendees
  • Show and Tell with Genevieve Strong, Walsh's Home Repairs, LLC in Charlottesville Virginia, on a kitchen renovation and Dave Nave from Seattle on how he used the forum recordings to get a client in Canada and how you can, too
  • What’s happening in business across the country from all our Business Buddies who attended
  • Doing business with the right government agency and the Supreme Court's DACA decision with Karen Hiltz
  • Precautions when downloading your iphone operating system and Windows 2004 operating system (this is not referring to the year 2004 but the system number) from Shane Anciso
  • Business systems and goals and rewards from Dave Nave
  • How to use use self-directed IRAs and Solo 401Ks to be a local investor and getting local investment with Put your money where your life is author Michael Shuman from your local independently owned and operated bookstore (Bookpeople in Austin) or at Amazon (
  • The Last Word — EEOC on COVID-19 testing and the ADA ruling plus next week's Reinventing Business Question related to the Owner's Personal SWOT Analysis: it's all about the games we play from Jan Triplett
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