Build Your Own Trivia Game In NativeScript and a REST API

Thursday, February 8, 2018 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM

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Join us for a hands-on workshop!
You will learn how to build a Native Mobile App Using NativeScript, with Node.js, Express and Docker in the Backend.
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Synopsys: A few years back, using Web technologies for building mobile apps revolved around using hybrid frameworks that basically used a web host view to run a web app inside. Consequently, the performance of such apps rarely met the desired expectations, leaving the development of immersive and exciting mobile apps to native mobile technologies. This fact has been hard on businesses, as having to invest in separate designated teams to target multiple platforms takes its toll on expenses, effort, and time.
Luckily, the rules have changed! More and more technologies are emerging to fill the gap. Building modern native mobile apps using Web technologies is no longer a dream!
In this workshop, participants will build a native mobile app along with a containerized web API to support it.
The app we will build is a trivia quiz app. It is all about fun and games! The user chooses between different trivia games comprised of several questions, be that picture-based or multiple choice, and goes through solving it all the way to the summary and feedback.
The app will be built using NativeScript, an open source framework for native iOS and Android apps, while the back-end will focus on building a REST API using Node.js with Express, and hosting it with Docker.

Pre-requisite installations (recommended prior to the workshop to save time):
1) Modern JavaScript Code Editor of your choice (Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Eclipse, Sublime, Atom, etc)
2) Frontend – Native Mobile App with NativeScript
a. NativeScript:
b. Optimized Virtual Device: See attached setup guide
3) Backend – REST API with Node.js and Docker
a. Node.js:
b. Docker:

• What to bring
This is a hands-on workshop, so please bring your laptop! You may save time by configuring your environment according to the prerequisites listed at the end of the meetup description.

• Important to know
In order to benefit from this workshop, you MUST know JavaScript ES6 or above

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